Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stand Firm

Here we sit 3 days before school starts and I am wondering how did I  miss my kids lives. Only, I didn't miss it, I was a huge part of it! Time really does fly when you're having fun!
Where do I start.....Summer went way to fast. I guess if you are having fun, there is never enough time! I am just very glad that I get to spend alot of time with my kids. Training them is not something that just happens, it is learned by doing and making mistakes. Being there to put them on the right road is priceless. I am very blessed to be home with them.
This was the last summer for Bri and Carissa as high school students. They are both seniors this year. They will be attending different schools but both are going to do great!! They have different learning styles and I think they are in the right place to learn the most that they can.
Nick is a Junior this year. He has kinda struggled to grasp who he wants to be. I am praying that God put in his heart the person that he is called to be. I pray for friends that lead and inspire him to be Godly!!!!
Gabs is a 6th grader and has Mr. Preslick as her teacher. I am so excited for her as he is a great teacher and very loving. Firm in discipline, but awesome by example. She has rested her knee for the summer and hopefully she will be back on the track this year!
DJ is headed into the 4th grade. He has Ms. Collins and she is a phenominal teacher. I am very excited because I know that she is a one of a kind, get on his level, inspire him to reach the stars kind of teacher!
Zachy is going to be a big 2nd grader, I know, my baby is growing up. He has Ms. Richards and she is an the world's greatest 2nd grade teacher. She is a personal friend who supercedes any and all expectations!!! She is great and pushes her kids in just the right fashion and makes Friday a fun gaming way to learn.
My Juju is over in Hawaii. He has graduated boot camp at Ft. Benning, GA back in May. Came home for a short time and left on his life journey to Hawaii. He has learned to surf, mingle and make friends. Things that I often worried about. He is homesick, but is coping. He is going to Korea for a 2 week training session. He is not too thrilled but I assured him he should go and see the world while he is young and single. Next June, he will become a veteran of war because he is set to deploy to Afghanistan then. Many prayers needed not just for my son, but all armed forces!

Which brings me to my topic!!! PRAYER

Over the last few months, lots of things in our country have transpired and we as Christians are called to pray over. Our country was founded on Biblical grounds. Without God (and lots of prayer and hard work) our country would not exist. Our ancestors endured alot of things that would be impossible to do without angels and prayer. They prayed and their families prayed and prayed and prayed. They sought God and His will for their life. They were willing to walk with faith not by sight. They prayed their way onto a boat with no life vests and maybe not enough food and water; they prayed their way across oceans and through storms (like hurricanes); they prayed to survive the Native Indidans; they prayed and became friends with the Indians to learn to harvest crops in the land they arrived at; they prayed through famines and hard times; they prayed not to be robbed or killed; they prayed their way across an uncharted land with no airplanes or cars; they prayed their whole life just to survive. All for what????? They didn't selfishly do it, they did it so their heirs would have a better life. It drove them to pray and walk by faith. God calls each of us to live for the day but He also tells us to ask for wisdom because wisdom is worth more than all the gold and silver. We can learn alot from the wise elders, or at least the ones who are still willing to share their struggles and are not ashamed to say they prayed for and worked hard for what they have.
Recently, a younger friend who was asking opinions on the Boy Scout decision to ban all gays from their organization. She is a liberal and a professed one, but she obviously teeters on the line or she would not have asked for opinions before making her decision to pull her boys out. She and many others who commented on her post saying opposers are haters and we should not judge. The fact is that many people do judge, but just because we oppose them, we should not be classified as haters and judgers. I told her that Boy Scouts was started with a Biblical foundation and it should not be any surprise that they took their stand on their ancient foundation. This along with Chik-fil-a. They are a Christian based company that has flourished because of its beliefs and willingness to take the stand.
A friend once said that we should just accept them because we all need a savior. This is true, we should accept them, but standing up for them to openly sin, is not acceptable in the eyes of God. 2 Cor tells us the Bea Attitudes we are to live by, things that are pure and holy and righteous....... I don't think that crusading for sin was on that list. I also know that when Jesus went to the house of the sinner, He showed so much love and compassion that by the time He left, the sinner wanted to change and they did. Then, they went out and made a difference to the people they had sinned against. They let the world know that Jesus saved them and declared Him the Savior and King of Kings. He did socialize with the Christians as well. He taught them to live like He did. He said we should all be like children and fishermen. Joining our friends on the door of sin has but one exit, a life of hell.
This rings true for the abortion topic as well. However, those that fight for it seem to be the ones who chose not to have one. They share stories of how they were given the choice and chose to keep their baby. They usually go on to say how they think every woman should be given the choice. Those that are opposed are usually the ones who have endured the excruciating pain and agony of having an abortion. This pain nver goes away and they want to save a generation from living every day with that pain, not to mention that they are killing their baby. God knew us before we were formed in the womb which means that our soul, our breath existed before conception. Aborting a baby is murder put under a much kinder name. If they called it murder, it would be subject to the consequences of that type of behavior. However, the ladies that have had one will tell you that they live every day with the grief of their actions and no punishment could be great enough. I have had people ask about pregnancy resulting from a rape.....mmmm well, I have this to say, that is a child, which is a gift (according to God's word) which could be a testimony of how you can recover and be blessed from something that Satan meant for destruction (Rom 8:28 All things work together for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. ) What a great testimony to those you know and those you will meet.
We all know that God is the Victor at the end of the story.. We know what God instructs us to do and if we chose to ignore those, there will be a reward day. ARe you going to be proud of your life in front of all other Christians or are you going to be ashamed?
I am going to be praying for the state of mind of our country over the next few months and that our foundation be restored! Let's build our house on the rock and when the winds and water come, we will stand firm!!! Please help me in praying and on election day, let's get out and vote for Romney and Paul because they are our hope or restoration and hope of breaking the mud slide we are on now!!

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