Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life "in" death

Life is the gift we bring because it was given to us and death is the gift we take away.
Life brings growth, joy, compassion and blessings. It also brings loss, anguish, grief and many other lessons along the way.
What do you do when you have to juggle the both? I say you Live like you are dying every day. Start livin' 2 love n lovin 2 live!
God commands us to LOVE. If we love who we are in Christ, we emit God's love. If we are busy complaining, being mopey, down in the slumps, or depressed and constantly look for ways to change the way we look, we will never accomplish God's love in our life.
I pray that I am a positive role model for our 7 kids and for every one I come in contact with.

Grandpa was diagnosed with Lukemia a few months ago and has undergone chemo and the attempts to fight the disease has failed. He lost his eyesight today and has been issued his death warrant. The doctors told him that he has about 2 weeks of life left at this stage. When we were talking, he was so positve and upbeat and gave me such encouragement. It was a moment of surreal love that God has granted us. He still joked and we had a short but sweet conversation. I thanked him for all the things he had shared with me over the last 10 years. What a great testament to how God says that even death has no sting!!!! However, please pray for Grandpa to have peace and grace and mercy over the last days of his life.

We also found out that Zachy has a heart murmur. He had to have lots of tests done this morning and was such a trooper. He should get the bravest kid of the year award!!!! We will find out how big the murmur is in a few days. Will keep you posted......

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