Friday, April 2, 2010

Wow! I totally forgot I had a blog!! Anyhow, since May alot has happened! Grandpa passed away almost 2 weeks later and did so with a smile, dignity and grace! He was one of the most gracious, generous, kindest, and humble men I know! I miss him so much and wish I had one hour of time to sit and talk with him!!! I know he is in Heaven with Jesus so I don't wish he could come back!!! We went to Louisiana and Tennessee over the summer! Unfortunately, vacation didn't go as I had hoped but it was awesome to see how many different views and landscapes God has created in 2100 miles! They were breathtaking at points and some caused curiousity!! I came home to the notice of our rental home being lost to the bank which meant that we would need to move again. I know, but I was tierd of moving and I didn't want my kids to have be uprooted another time! So I had this crazy plan where I tried to convince my husband to move back to Bakersfield! He was not really thrilled, but kindly agreed. By the end of the summer, I still could not find a house to buy (because this is the last time I am moving:-)) Once school started, I had to really pray for peace because I didn't have the heart to tell my children they would need to start their lives over in another city especially one being a junior and 2 being freshmen.... I then focused on moving close to where we lived. Well, long story short, we did buy a house a mile down the street for an awesome price and a whole lot more house. It is 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and is 3800 square feet! I love it and so do they. The kids were able to remain in the same schools and the only changes were where we slept at night!! God blessed us beyond human imagination! I have became very close with the friends He blessed me with (Jen and Nikki and Britt and Net)!! I love the network God placed in my life. They have held my hand through some tough battles and gone to prayer war for me! Thanks girls, for everything! Dale is back working in Porterville and is loving it. It is kinda his pride and joy shop! He has expanded his showroom and is very proud of his work there! I am proud of him too! Thanks Babe for all the hard work you do!!

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